Balanced Scorecard


What is the Balanced Scorecard and how can it be used to align, manage, and improve performance? A variety of programs are offered where you will learn:

  • To use a Balanced Scorecard to align everyone around your strategy
  • The cause-effect relationship of the BSC perspectives and how they apply to the Criteria for Performance Excellence
  • The benefits of a “one page picture” of your strategy
  • How to identify the leading and lagging measures of performance that will drive organizational change and deliver results


We work with organizations on developing strategy maps, tailoring the perspectives, and identifying key leading and lagging measures of results. Scorecards can be implemented at different levels over various time frames:

Draft scorecards are developed in a relatively short period of time using existing documents and interviews with key managers.

Refined scorecards require iterations with many members of the leadership team.

Cascading scorecards linking the corporate strategy to departments and individuals can be developed to assist organizations in aligning the efforts of all employees to corporate goals.