What Does AIM Mean?

AIM means Analyzing customer needs, Improving processes, and Monitoring the results. At AIM Consulting we utilize proven process improvement tools, the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence, the Balanced Scorecard, and elements of Six Sigma to enhance results for organizations of all sizes.

AIM is about focus. Before an organization can improve performance, it needs to determine “focus.” Whether it’s process improvement, problem solving, or overall strategic planning, the first step of the AIM process is just that:  AIM the organization.

AIM is about continuous improvement. AIM is an easy-to-learn process improvement and problem solving methodology. Analyze-Improve-Monitor are the steps to improve results of individual processes, departments, or entire organizations.

AIM is for everyone in the organization. From the front line worker to the executive offices, AIM challenges employees to analyze customer needs, improve processes, and monitor results. AIM creates a culture of high performance.

AIM Consulting – AIM for RESULTS!